The Boral Landscape Designer App lets you use your Smart Phone or Tablet to “virtually” install Boral Pavers and Retaining Walls. All the products are 3D and true to scale, so you can see how they look in your space before you buy.

You can download the free App to your compatible device from the Downloads section below. Simply click on either the Apple Store or Google Play Store links. You’ll also find a link for the Target PDF that you can download and print off from your home printer.

The front of the Target activates the App. The back of the Target includes a simple guide to using the App.

See below for instructions on how to use the App. A full tutorial is available in the help section within the App.


If you don’t have a Target, you can download a printable PDF Target from the ‘downloads’ section on this page. Make sure you print the Target in colour and on an A4 sheet of paper for correct product scaling.

To download the App, search for ‘Boral Landscape Designer’ in the App Store or Google Play Store. If you are viewing this page on a compatible device, you can simply click on the App Store or Google Play Store Icons in the ‘downloads’ section above.

The Target gives the App a reference point so that it can display products in a fixed location. It also allows the products to appear true-to-scale in your setting. In this way you can view the products from different distances.

Boral has taken great care in ensuring the representations of the products within the App (colour, size and texture) are faithful representations of the true products. Please note that variations will occur between different devices as screen displays can vary and device settings can be different. Also, while the App attempts to demonstrate what the product will look like in a particular location the light and the other ambient characteristics may produce a variation. Boral therefore recommends customers visit a Boral selection centre to view the true product before committing to a purchase.

If you are having difficulty getting the products to sit properly on your screen, press the refresh button to reset the display. Please note, if you refresh the display you will have to line up the Target again.

For best performance, Boral recommends outdoor use in natural lighting however the App will function indoors.